Bo the Rascal Cat: A Most Excellent Adventure


“A wonderfully uplifting story, beautifully illustrated, with an important message for kids and adults alike. I highly recommend Bo the Rascal Cat.”

“A whimsical, fun and heartfelt romp. The illustrations are beautiful and funny. Highly recommended!”

“Beautifully written and illustrated. A must read for animal lovers.”

"My boys love this book. The story is great and so are the illustrations. This book fits right into story time."



Enigmatic billionaire Mitchell Chandler turns out obscene profits at his aquatic theme parks, driven by the spectacular killer whale performances. But when the beloved orca at Chandler’s Seattle park dies, activists have all the ammo they need to shut him down. If the news becomes public. Facing impending financial ruin, Chandler hatches a brazen plan: blackmail firebrand commercial fisherman, Zora Flynn, into secretly capturing a replacement whale – using Zora’s ailing mother as bait.

Meanwhile, a super species of orca surfaces in Puget Sound – creatures of mind-bending size, speed, and intelligence. As the world watches, awe-struck scientists race to unlock the secret behind the whales’ sudden arrival after millennia in hiding. Now entangled in both dramas, Zora turns to an unconventional cop, a tenacious reporter, and a mysterious shaman for help. This unlikely alliance soon makes a discovery far more ominous than anyone can possibly imagine.


(Zora’s trusted friend, known as Houdini, encounters the monstrous orcas for the first time)

Then…the mighty whales appeared on the horizon. The creatures resembled giant gloss-black torpedoes – black as black velvet – and they were moving fast. Really fast! Houdini watched in awe, unable to grasp the towering height of the dorsal fins, the sheer size of their bodies, or their blinding speed. A killer whale, he knew, typically traveled at five to six miles per hour, occasionally making a spectacular dash of up to thirty miles per hour when pursuing prey. But these leviathans were moving at more than twice that speed, faster even than the cheetah, the world’s swiftest animal, land or sea.

It didn’t seem real.

What Critics Are Saying

“An action-packed thriller about greed, corruption, and power…adrenaline-pumping…compelling.”

-Kirkus Reviews

“A maritime Da Vinci Code meets Jurassic Park…skillfully crafted...frighteningly real.”

-Karen Sullivan, Marine Biologist, Author

“A whale of a tale from one helluva storyteller. Rogue Justice should come with a warning: Prepare to lose sleep.”

-Mallory Rush, Best-selling author

“An impeccably researched book and provocative read.”

- David Lambkin, L.A. Homicide Detective (Ret.).

What Readers Are Saying

“I loved every minute of Rogue Justice. The characters were strongly developed, the writing was superb and the story line was incredible. The author truly made you feel a kinship with these beautiful creatures of the deep.”

“The author’s grasp of orcas' behavior and the character of the Pacific Northwest is comprehensive. He weaves it all into a book you won't be able to put down. It's a tightly woven, highly visual story that would make a blockbuster movie.”

“Well-written story with non-stop over-the-top action and never a dull moment… I really enjoyed the book and recommend it to whale lovers and thriller aficionados.”