Lolita: The World’s Loneliest Orca (Kids Chapter Book – Middle Grade)

Stolen from her family back in 1970 at age four, this magnificent killer whale was sent to a deteriorating Florida sideshow park where she has been performing non-stop ever since…in solitary confinement…in the world’s smallest orca tank. This is Lolita’s harrowing story, told in her own words, in the style and spirit of the acclaimed book, War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo.


The day began like any other and ended like no other.

And the terror of it has stayed with me all my life.

We were on our way to the annual orca reunion in Penn Cove, a grand celebration my brothers and sisters and I looked forward to with great anticipation. I remember swimming for hours that day, our giant tail flukes moving rhythmically in an awesome display of power and might. The fun continued for some time, yet as we neared our destination I felt a change in the sea’s rhythm. It was subtle at first, but unmistakable.

Then…sheer madness.

In a flash, powerboats came roaring out from shore. Helicopters swooped down from the sky. And earsplitting bombs began exploding all around us. Terrified, we grouped together in a tight cluster and began hammering the water with our tail flukes, creating a riotous noise. Plumes of mist burst from every direction, accompanied by loud, piercing cries of distress. The water was now a boiling cauldron of fins and foam as we surfaced and dove in all directions trying to escape. But there was nowhere to go. We were trapped inside heavy fishing nets.


Remember The Monsters (A Thriller)

Chicago homicide detective Abby Kendall is tough, resolute, and emotionally vulnerable. She’s also running on empty. Her marriage to NHL mega-star, Shane Donnelly, is unraveling, and she’s a pariah at the station house after blowing the whistle on five rogue cops. On top of all that, Abby is chasing shadows in a high stakes cat and mouse game with a shockingly brilliant killer – and no one will see the surprise ending coming.


The doors of the Escalade had been sealed tight by the coroner investigator. Just as well. Abby had no desire to get any closer than necessary. Leaning over the hood she pulled her Maglite from a coat pocket and pointed the powerful beam through a small patch of ice that had been scraped away from the windshield. The light was diffused by a web of silver crystals, giving the victim’s body the eerie appearance of moving as though jolted by a charge of electricity.

Abby shuddered, trying to maintain her concentration. On the front seat, she noticed three yellow plastic placards indicating something of evidentiary value had been found there. Something incriminating perhaps, maybe a fingerprint? On second thought, not likely. The gruesome murder appeared to be the work of a pro. Then, staring into Lillie Roberts’s cold, dead eyes Abby flashed on a name, a name that sent a terrible chill deep into her bones: Elizabeth Short, aka, The Black Dahlia.